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    in 5th generation

Berghotel Oeschinensee – a family business since 1892

The Berghotel Oeschinensee has been owned by the Wandfluh family since it was built in 1892. The hotel is managed in the 5th generation by Christoph & Lea Wandfluh.

Early on, guests from all over the world knew about the beauty of Lake Oeschinen above Kandersteg. One of the reasons why David Wandfluh decided in 1890 to build an inn on Lake Oeschinen. Great-great-grandfather Wandfluh was then a simple farmer from Kandergrund. In addition to gastronomy, our family has also maintained the tradition of “farming”. Today the hotel / restaurant is managed by Lea and Christoph Wandfluh in the 5th generation and is 100% family owned. Companies with a long tradition are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare… so we stand for tradition, quality & continuity. Our products are as far as possible regional, the lamb comes from our own organic farm. Since 2016 we are one of the few Unique Hotels of hotelleriesuisse.

With heart and soul and sweat – a look into the past

Our ancestors have always invested a lot of work in the mountain inn, the alp and its sustainable management. Thanks to the prudent and far-sighted approach of our ancestors, we can now experience an intact mountain world. A great privilege!

The Berghotel Oeschinensee was built in 1892 by David Wandfluh. At the beginning of the 1900s many international guests found their way to the then already famous Oeschinensee thanks to the up-and-coming tourism and the construction of the Lötschberg tunnel in 1912.

The old guest books were found during the renovation of the hotel rooms in 2014; they were used as insulation material… The first entries of guests from England, Russia or the USA can be found in the books.

The war years around 1940 were a hard time for the Berghotel. Food, money and human resources were scarce. Many school trips visited the Oeschinensee at that time – for every 2 children one sausage was given, at that time a highlight for the children.

David Wandfluh-Berger was the initiator of the Kandersteg Oeschinen chairlift, built in 1949. Grandfather Wandfluh also built 2 ski lifts at Oeschinen and a ski lift in Schönried (Horneggli).

Above all, however, Susanne and David Wandfluh have shaped the company and made it what it is today. Over the last 30 years a lot has been invested, renovated and rebuilt.

Milestones and reconstruction stages

– 1981: Opening of winter operations (previously only a summer house)

– 1986: Rehabilitation of Oeschinensee access road, unsuccessful attempt

– 1989: Renovation of rooms, restaurant, veranda, storerooms

– 1991: Renovation of the Seestube, Feierabendstube, cellar and staircase

– 1995: Rehabilitation of access road from Kandersteg to Oeschinen;

cold coating

– 1997: Renovation and design of the buffet

– 1998: Installation of solar system, new building and extension of kitchen and shop, construction of private apartment

– 1999: Total extension 2nd floor with staircase, renovation of stable Oeschinensee

– 2000: Start of carriage operations at the mountain station – Oeschinensee

– 2001: Purchase of the former Kurhaus Kandersteg, redevelopment into a staff building

– 2001: Rehabilitation of access road from Kandersteg, Schwarzbelag

– 2008: New building farmhouse with economic part in Kandersteg

– 2010: New construction of toilets, which are considered “public” (and thus available)

– 2011: Conversion of the Seestube to winter suitability, new building entrance, extension of the Feierabendstube and new building multi-bed rooms

– 2012: Procurement of a prototype electric vehicle from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinensee

– 2013: Renovation of 1st / 2nd floor hotel, redesign of rooms

– 2015: Demolition and new construction of personnel house in Kandersteg, new construction of 5 km drinking water supply line, foundation of joint-stock company “Berghotel Oeschinensee AG”.

– 2018: Installation of lift, extension of laundry and storerooms, employees WC and cloakroom, new building room

Susanne and David Wandfluh were more important than expensive cars, yachts or holiday homes. The generated capital was constantly reinvested. Thanks to a well-considered and entrepreneurial management and daily presence in the company, a large part of the investment could be financed from the equity capital.

The courageous step to the winter business was worth it. Today the Oeschinensee is heavily frequented both in winter and summer. The business is growing healthily and sustainably. Today the company is run by Christoph and Lea Wandfluh in the 5th generation. David jun. (brother of Christoph) works in the kitchen. Father David and mother Susanne are still active in the background. The two children Emma Verena and Henri Michael are allowed to grow up in an intact and healthy mountain world.

In this way working in the family is fun.

The Wandfluh Family

Lea Wandfluh-Sterchi, host patent, PR specialist

Christoph Wandfluh-Sterchi, Hotelier HF Thun

David Wandfluh jun, Hotelier HF Thun

Susanne Wandfluh-Gerber, Hotelière SHF Lucerne

David Wandfluh-Gerber, Hotelier SHF Lausanne

Personal & friendly for our guests

The contact to the guests is very important to us. You will not find white tablecloths here. Whether the plates are inserted from the left or the right is only conditionally important for us. Friendliness and personal service is our trademark and top priority in all our guest services.

We enjoy a very large regular clientele from all over Switzerland and also abroad.

Our company is open 7 days a week. Our opening hours are published transparently and we adhere to them. Bad weather is no reason for us to close the business.

Car-free – Mobility on Lake Oeschinen

Access to Lake Oeschinen is only permitted for residents and employees. Car access for guests is not possible – we consistently implement this. The 8-seater gondola lift serves as a feeder. The Unesco Elektro Mobil runs from the mountain station every 30 minutes from midday (only in summer) – a service also offered by the Berghotel Oeschinensee. The electric vehicle is a Zermatt extra production to meet the high demands on the mountain. Several prototypes were necessary to produce the final vehicle. The capacity is 14 persons per trip. Wheelchairs and luggage for guests can also be loaded. The batteries of this vehicle are charged with green electricity from the Oeschinensee.

We transport all goods we need for our business with our own vehicles from Kandersteg to Lake Oeschinen. Suppliers have no access to us. Efficiency is an important part of logistics in the company – if you don’t think, you go back to the village…

International – everyone is welcome

In several languages we welcome our guests at Lake Oeschinen. We pay special attention to the language skills of our service staff. We welcome our guests in English, French, Spanish or Dutch. We are open to all nations and cultures, but deliberately do not offer special treatments for guests of other religions or nations. Everyone counts the same and is worth the same – the word VIP is not used.

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