Allergens declaration

The legends for the numbers can be found at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions or queries, please contact our staff on site. All dishes are standardized (exactly according to recipe) and cooked on site directly at Oeschinensee . 

From the soup pot

Soup of the day (9) according to offer

incl. 1 homemade organic bread roll (CH) (1) vegan lactose-free

From the salad bar

Vegan & Vegetarian

Small salad jar (9)

incl. 1 homemade organic bread roll (CH) with house (1,3,7,9,10) or balsamic dressing (9,10,12)

XXL salad jar (9)

incl. 1 homemade organic bread roll (CH) with house (1,3,7,9,10) or balsamic dressing (9,10,12)

Curry Oeschinensee

yellow curry (9,11), slightly spicy with vegetables (6,9) & steamed rice vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free

+ Swiss chicken breast strips (6,9,10,11) CHF 6.00

Chickpeas Curry

red curry (6,9,11,14), with spinach (6,9) & steamed rice vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free

Lentil burger

Homemade lentil burger (6,9,11) in a wholemeal bun (CH) (1) with raw onions, jalapeños & homemade apricot and pumpkin mayonnaise (9,6) vegan

Penne all'arrabiata (1,7,9)

gratinated with cheese

Cheesecake (CH) (1,3,7,9)

Meat dishes

Lamb pepper (6,9,12)

from our own organic farm, with homemade spaetzli (CH) (1,3,6,7,9), juicy red cabbage (6,9), sautéed apples, plums & mushrooms

Cheese slice (1,3,7,9)

with ham (CH) & Swiss fried egg homemade bread (CH)

Chicken breast

Swiss chicken breast (6,9) with mushroom cream sauce (1,6,7,9,10), vegetables & French fries

Breaded schnitzel (CH) (1,3,5,6,9,12)

with french fries

Chilli con carne (CH) (1.9)

with french fries

Spätzli Vaudoise (CH) (1,3,6,7,9)

with creamy leek vegetables (1,6,7,9), Sämi's farmer smoked sausage (1,6,7,9,10,11,12) & mustard (10)

Veal steak (6,9)

Bernese Oberland veal steak with homemade mushroom cream sauce (1,6,7,9,10), vegetables (6,9) & French fries

Oeschi Burger

BEO beef burger (organic meat from the Bernese Oberland) (1,12) in a wholemeal bun (CH) (1) with gherkins, onion confit, raclette cheese (7) & homemade BBQ sauce (6,9,10), served with chips

Bratwurst (CH) with French fries

Curry (1,10,11,12) -bratwurst(CH) with French fries


Pretzel (1,5,7)

Schnitzel bread (1,3,5,6,10)

Bread (CH), pork schnitzel (CH)

Holzspycher Plättli (1,6,7,9,10,11,12)

Dry sausage from Sam Heiniger from Kandersteg, Bernese Oberland smoked bacon, Salsiz from Mühlemetzg Diemtigen, slices cheese AOP from Gaby & Hans Rösti from the Ueschinental (Kandersteg) and mountain cheese from Schönried, served with homemade herb butter and homemade organic bread.

Served on the 200-year-old wooden spycher board with a "carver

The "Holzspycher", built in 1812, is the oldest building on the alp Oeschinen. Until a few years ago, grandpa David Wandfluh made cheese there himself from his beloved brown cows. We have now cut and gently planed the 200-year-old cheese boards from the Gade. Today they serve as the basis for your enjoyment. All products come from the region and are made with love for the craft. We bake the bread to go with it fresh every day at Lake Oeschinen with Burgholz organic flour. Enjoy!


Kids rice

with fresh vegetables (6,9) vegan

Kids burger

BEO beef burger (organic) (1.12) with chips
Lentil burger (6,9,11) with chips The bun comes from Switzerland.

Portion of French fries

incl. 1 sauce vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free


Apple strudel (CH) (1,3,5,7,12)

Wild berry muffins (CH) (1,3,7)

Schkoladenmuffin (CH) (1,3,5,6,7)

Fruit cake (CH) (1,3,7)

Panna cotta (3,7)

Cheesecake (1,3,5,6,7)

For more cakes or baked goods and ice cream, our staff will be happy to inform you personally on site on request.All baked goods come from Switzerland.


Meat declaration: Pork, veal, beef and chicken only come from Switzerland, if possible from the region. The lamb (according to the daily offer) comes exclusively from our own organic farm in Kandersteg. The baked goods are produced in Switzerland.

1 Cereals containing gluten

2 Crustaceans

3 eggs

4 fishes

5 peanuts

6 Soybeans

7 Milk (including lactose)

8 Hard shell fruit (nuts)

9 Celery

10 Mustard

11 Sesame seeds

12 Sulfur dioxide and sulfites

13 Lupines

14 Molluscs

15 Home barbecue powder