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    Zusammen musizieren

Oeschi Team – together we are strong

For years we have been able to count on a strong team at Lake Oeschinen. A warm MERCI Oeschi team at this point!

Not shouting at each other, mutual respect and consideration, being there for each other and helping each other, counting on each other and pulling on the same rope…

14 years on average

On average, our employees have been with us for 14 years, some have been with us for well over 20 years – others are just starting out with us. We are very proud of this mix of young and old.

From summer 2018 we will be on the go uniformly. All employees were equipped with T-shirts and fleece jackets.

Rebuilding autumn 2017 and spring 2018

The major rebuild was entirely within the scope of our employees. Improving the quality of our work, optimising processes and the well-being of our team were the main priorities. For example, we are installing a passenger lift for modern room management. The cloakroom and staff toilet were extended, the laundry enlarged and equipped with new machines. We also replaced the old washing machine with a modern double basket machine. In the whole house heels were removed to make it possible to work with trolleys. The cooling and storage rooms were greatly enlarged in order to be able to work more efficiently and ergonomically.


 Ramona | 2005 | Verantworliche Service, Stv. Betriebsleitung

 Sophie | 2015

 Isabelle | 2016

 Liana | 2017

 Andrea | 2017

 Simona | 2018


 Alex | 1997 | Co-Verantwortlicher Küche

 Modesto | 2001 | Mann von Rosa

 Miguel | 2001 | Mann von Lidia

 Tiago | 2008 | Mann von Catia

  Rafael | 2017

Elektro Mobil

 Werner (Aushilfe) | 2012

 Sandra | 2017

 Fritz | 2018

Zimmer / Service

 Rosa | 1996 | Verantworliche Hauswirtschaft | Mutter von Henrique (2001) und Amélia (2007) | Frau von Modesto

 Lidia | 2001 | Mutter von Dinis (2009) | Frau von Miguel

 Rafaela (gehörlos) | 2007 | Schwester von Lidia

 Catia | 2008 | Frau von Tiago

  Renata | 2017

 Barbara |2018

 Paolo | 2018

Umbau Herbst 2017 und Frühling 2018

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