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    Willows with a view

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Great views for animals and humans!

We process the lamb ourselves in the Berghotel Oeschinensee. So we can guarantee that we do everything ourselves from birth to feeding, processing, cooking and serving! This makes us happy and we are very proud of our lamb products.

The farm of the Berghotel Oeschinensee still comprises about 40 ewes today. Just a few years ago, cows, horses and pigs were still part of it. The increasing legal requirements and the lack of time, however, forced us to reduce the size of the farm and “only” concentrate on the sheep.

The animals spend the summer over the Oeschinensee on the Heuberg. They eat good herbs, have plenty of exercise and breathe fresh air. Ideal conditions for healthy animals and good meat quality. In winter we feed the sheep and lambs with organic hay, emd and silage from our own land. Only feed is used, which grows locally and we bring in ourselves in summer. We enjoy the agricultural work like wood and offer variety. Many beautiful products arise from this work. The wood for the guest rooms and for cooking, for example, comes from our own mountain forest and was felled ourselves.

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