Menu Café Bar


Kurt's pretzelCHF 5.00

Pretzel vegetarian

Garlic breadhome recipeCHF 6.00

Baguette with our own garlic and herb butter vegetarian

Hot DogCHF 9.50

Chicken sausages in bread


Nut croissants & co.

You can find sweets in our display.

Ice Cream

homemade Oeschi-Glacé or Soft Ice


French friesCHF 8.50

incl. 1 sauce vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free

Bratwurst & BreadCHF 9.50

with homemade bread

Bratwurst & French friesCHF 16.50

with french fries

Curry sausage & breadCHF 12.00

with homemade bread

Curry sausage & friesCHF 18.50

with french fries


MineralimPET bottle 5 dlCHF 5.50

Oeschi water with & without gas
Rivella / Apple spritzer / Huus tea
Sinalco orange / Sinalco Cola & Cola zero

Hot drinks

Espresso | CHF 4.20
Coffee | CHF 4.50
Coffee with milk / Cappucino | CHF 5.00
Organic alpine herbal tea | CHF 4.70
Punch | CHF 4.70
Chocolate / Ovo | CHF 4.70

Alcoholic beverages


Suure Most (non-alcoholic) | 5 dl CHF 6.00
Rugenbräu Lager / Panaché | 5 dl CHF 6.00


Johannisberg - Les Fils Maye, Riddes | 5 dl CHF 22.00
Oeschi-Wy white (house wine) - Riem&Daepp, Kiesen | 7.5 dl CHF 46.00

Serving of alcohol

The law prohibits the sale of wine, beer & cider to under 16s and the sale of spirits, aperitifs & alcopops to under 18s. ID checks are carried out.

Meat declaration & legend

Meat declaration: Pork, veal, beef and chicken meat comes only from Switzerland, if possible from the region. The lamb (according to daily offer) comes exclusively from our own organic farm in Kandersteg.


Our staff will inform you about other ingredients in our dishes that may trigger allergies or intolerances on request. All prices are in CHF and include VAT.