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About us

Berghotel Oeschinensee - a family business since 1892

Guests from all over the world knew early on about the beauty of the Oeschinensee above Kandersteg. One of the reasons why David Wandfluh decided to build an inn at Lake Oeschinen in 1890. Great-great-grandfather Wandfluh was a simple farmer from Kandergrund at that time. In addition to gastronomy, our family has also maintained the tradition of "farming". Today the Berghotel is run by Lea & Christoph Wandfluh in the fifth generation and is completely family owned. Unfortunately, businesses with a long tradition are becoming increasingly rare - so we are particularly proud to stand for tradition, quality & continuity.

Organic Farm

For a long time sheep have been our passion and at the same time our family meditation. The certified organic farm comprises around 50 animals. The sheep spend the summer high above Lake Oeschinen on the Heuberg. We only use fodder which grows on our own meadows and which we bring in ourselves during the summer. The lamb meat is processed and prepared by ourselves in our own kitchen. The hard but beautiful work gives us pleasure and we are very proud of our organic lamb products. We sell the sheep and lamb skins in our shop at Lake Oeschinen. 


There for you every day with full vigour - the Oeschi team!


  Sophie | 2015

  Liana | 2017

  Andrea | 2019

 Jozef | 2020

  Barbara | 2020


  Alex | 1997

  Miguel | 2001 | husband of Lidia

  Tiago | 2008 | Man from Catia

  Rafael | 2018

  Kaspar | 2020


Eveline | 2020

Corinna | 2020

Erika (Breakfast) | 2021

René | 2021 (temp)

Isabelle | 2016 (temp)

Electric mobile

  Sandra | 2017

  Fritz | 2018

  Ruedi | 2018 (temp)

Room / Service

  Lidia | 2001 | wife of Miguel

  Catia | 2008 | Tiago's wife

Marina | 2021

 Paula | 2021

Alphüsi & Bistro Bergstübli

  Ramona | 2005

  Franziska | 2019

  Monika | 2020

  Hanspeter | 2020

  Jeannette | 2020

 Margrit | 2021


  Demian | IT & Technology | 2002

  Barbara | Accounting | 2008 

Company management

  Christoph Wandfluh | F&B, Outlets, Logistics | 2010

  Lea Wandfluh | Hotel, Administration, Shop, Decoration | 2012

  David Wandfluh Jr. | F&B, Kitchen, Purchasing | 2015

Berghotel Oeschinensee - History

The uncertain situation around the "Spitze Stei" and Corona makes us break new ground. Together with our team of 30, we are constantly working on new ideas. This is how we came up with our "Fondue2Go" and "Oeschi-Glace".
Food Trucks & Bergstübli
The first food truck was made by the carpenter according to our specifications. One year later the second followed and the takeover of the restaurant Bergstübli.
David jun. (Christoph's older brother) comes back home after his years of travelling. He supports us energetically since then.
5th generation
Christoph & Lea Wandfluh take over the business in the 5th generation. The team comprises around 15 employees.
Horse-drawn carriage
A horse-drawn carriage transported guests from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinen. This was later replaced by the prototype of an electric mobile.
4th generation
David & Susanna Wandfluh take over the family business and continue it in the 4th generation. Over the next 30 years the house was completely renovated.
Construction of the chairlift
David Wandfluh builds the Kandersteg Oeschinen chairlift. It was largely financed with money from trade unions.
During the war, international tourism collapsed completely. Mainly school trips visited the Oeschinensee. Menu of the day: Soup with sausage, CHF 2 - one sausage for two children.
Extension 1912
The Berghotel was generously extended. The current floor plan corresponds for the most part to that of today.
Foundation 1892
David Wandfluh builds the Berghotel am Oeschinensee as a small guesthouse with 10 rooms and a restaurant.
Construction of the mountain hotel