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About us

Berghotel Oeschinensee - a family business since 1892

Early on, guests from all over the world knew about the beauty of Lake Oeschinen above Kandersteg. One of the reasons why David Wandfluh decided to build an inn at Lake Oeschinen in 1890. Great-great-grandfather Wandfluh was a simple farmer from Kandergrund at that time. In addition to gastronomy, our family has also kept up the tradition of being "farmers". Today the Berghotel is run by the fifth generation and is completely family owned. Businesses with a long tradition are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare - so we are particularly proud to stand for tradition, quality & humanity.


Already for a long time sheep are our passion and at the same time our family meditation. The farm includes about 30 animals. The sheep spend the summer on the steep slopes below the gondola. We only use fodder that grows on our own meadows and that we bring in ourselves during the summer. The lamb meat is processed and prepared by ourselves in our own kitchen. The hard but beautiful work gives us pleasure and we are very proud of our lamb products. We sell the sheep and lamb skins in our store at Lake Oeschinen. Since 2023 the farm is run together with the Grossen family from Reginahof in Kandersteg and includes about 40 cows, cattle and sheep.

Berghotel Oeschinensee - History

The number of visitors is steadily increasing, and there are also repeated departures. The team shrinks from 40 to 23 employees within 2 months. However, the average age of our team is still 16 years. A request for the extension of the much too small toilet facilities was rejected by the canton under flimsy arguments. The business was converted to self-service within 6 weeks in order to be able to operate at all. The hotel remains closed for overnight stays in summer 23.
An Iveco delivery truck with lifting platform was purchased. The complete logistics are now no longer handled via the private road but via the gondola lift. Regular official closures of the access road from Kandersteg due to natural hazards from the Spitzten Stei make planning impossible. Throughout the entire operation, massive investments are made in making the work of the team easier (ergonomics). In addition, compactors are purchased for the waste from the entire mountain. The disposal to the waste incineration plant in Thun is done by the company itself.
The uncertain situation around the "Spitze Stei" and Corona moved us to new ideas. Together with our team of 30, we are constantly working on new ideas. This is how our offer "Fondue2Go" or the "Oeschi-Glace" came into being.
Food Trucks & Bergstübli
The first food truck was made by the carpenter according to our specifications. A year later, the second followed. The Bergstübli at the top station was taken over. The official closure with a lead time of 24 hours is always in the back of our minds. The mobile food trucks and the Bergstübli can therefore offer the employees and the guests when the Berghotel am See has to be closed.
David jun. (Christoph's older brother) comes back home after his wandering years. He supports us energetically since then and is active in the kitchen.
5th generation
Christoph (hotelier) & Lea (PR specialist) Wandfluh take over the business in 5th generation. Together with their two children, the family spends the summer at Lake Oeschinen. The team consists of about 15 employees. The first floor is completely renovated. Cold storage rooms were expanded in 2015.
Fiber optics & sewerage
All businesses on the mountain connect to the Kandersteg sewer system. In addition, a fiber optic line is laid to Lake Oeschinen. A new supply line is dug for the drinking water supply of the mountain hotel. The municipality contributes 0 francs.
Horse-drawn carriage
More and more older guests found the walk from the lake back to the mountain station too far. Heart attacks were the result. A horse-drawn carriage therefore transported mainly older guests from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinen from 2003 to 2006. The work was too strenuous for the horses, and from 2007 an electric scooter (1st prototype was a flop) was used.
4th generation
David & Susanna Wandfluh take over the family business and continue it in the 4th generation. In the next 30 years the house was completely renovated and completely refurbished. The kitchen was completely expanded, the cooling systems were extended, all rooms were renovated and a solar system was installed already in the early 90s.
Construction of the chairlift
David Wandfluh builds the chairlift from Kandersteg to Oeschinen. The construction of a chairlift was a pioneering achievement at the time - the construction of a cableway through the air was not granted much success. At that time, funiculars on rails were more in vogue than a cable car in the air.
During the war period, international tourism completely collapsed. Mainly Swiss guests and many school trips visited Lake Oeschinen. Menu of the day: Soup with sausage, CHF 2 - one sausage for two children.
Extension 1912
The mountain hotel was generously extended. The current floor plan corresponds for the most part. Among other things, an open "drinking hall" was built. The "donkey stable" is still preserved today.
Foundation 1892
David Wandfluh builds the Berghotel am Oeschinensee as a small guesthouse with 10 rooms and a restaurant.
Construction of the mountain hotel