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Today Special

Organic Lamb Pepper

Organic lamb pepperSpeciality ofthe houseCHF 33.50

from our own organic farm, with homemade spaetzli, juicy red cabbage, sauteed apples, plums & mushrooms


Soup of the day

Soup of the dayCHF 9.50

with homemade bread
+ Smoked pork sausage from Sämi Heiniger according to a home recipe CHF 7.00

Goulash soupCHF 12.50

with homemade bread
+ Smoked pork sausage from Sämi Heiniger according to house recipe CHF 7.00 lactose-free


Small green saladCHF 7.80

with Oeschi dressing and house bread vegetarian

Winter magic saladCHF 21.00

green salad with balsamic dressing, Kandertaler Hobelkäse AOP, onion rings & seeds vegetarian gluten-free


Oeschi spaetzliCHF 23.50

with vegetable strips & cheese au gratin vegetarian

Spaetzli Vaudoise

Spaetzli Vaudoise CHF 24.50

with leek vegetables, Sämi's farmer's smoked sausage & mustard

Serving of spaetzliCHF 14.00

Homemade portion of Spätzli nature vegetarian

Cheese slices

Cheese slice "ClassiqueCHF 23.00

with ham & fried egg

Cheese slice "PestoCHF 23.00

with tomato sauce & herb pesto, plus salad vegetarian


Chicken breastCHF 31.50

Swiss chicken breast with mushroom cream sauce, mixed vegetables & homemade spaetzli

Veal steakCHF 44.00

Bernese Oberland veal steak with homemade mushroom cream sauce, mixed vegetables & French fries


Oeschi burgerCHF 23.00

BEO Beef burger (organic) in a wholemeal bun with gherkins, onions, raclette cheese & BBQ sauce, served with chips

+ ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, additional portion CHF 0.50

Organic Lentil BurgerTasty...CHF 23.00

homemade organic lentil burger in a wholemeal bun with onions, jalapeños & apricot-pumpkin mayonnaise, served with salad vegan


Curry Lake OeschinenCHF 24.50

yellow curry, slightly spicy, with vegetables & steamed rice vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free

+ Swiss chicken breast strips CHF 6.00


Holzspycher Plättli

Wooden spycher plateCHF 29.00

Dry sausage from Sämi Heiniger from Kandersteg, Oberland smoked bacon, Salsiz from Mühlemetzg Diemtigen, Hobelkäse from Gaby & Hans Rösti from the Ueschinental (Kandersteg) and Schönrieder mountain cheese, served with homemade Oeschi herb butter and bread.

Served on the 200-year-old wooden spycher board with a "carver

The "Holzspycher", built in 1812, is the oldest building in Oeschinen. Until a few years ago, Grosätti David Wandfluh made cheese there himself from his beloved brown cows. We have now cut and gently planed the 200-year-old cheese boards from the Gade. Today they serve as the basis for your enjoyment. All products come from the region and are made with love for the craft. We bake the bread fresh daily with Burgholz flour. Ä Guete!

French fries

large portion CHF 11.00
small portion CHF 8.50 vegan  gluten-free  lactose-free
with 1 ketchup or mayonnaise

+ ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, additional portion CHF 0.50


Kids riceCHF 8.50

with vegetables vegan

Kids spaetzliCHF 12.50

gratinated with cheese vegetarian

Kids-BurgerCHF 15.00

BEO Beef-Burger (organic) with french fries


David's fruitcake

David's FruitcakeHomemade

Apricot or plum, ask for the offer. It has while it has!
without cream CHF 6.80
with cream CHF 7.30

Hay mountain dessert

Heuberg dessert hitCHF 12.00

Homemade chocolate cake, served lukewarm, with vanilla soft ice cream & cream

Apple Strudel

Apple strudelCHF 11.00

Apple strudel, served lukewarm, with vanilla soft ice & cream

Lisi the pussycat

Zwätschge LisiCHF 10.50

Plums cooked in red wine with vanilla soft ice & cream


MeränggeCHF 10.00

Meringues with Vanilla Soft Ice & Cream

Nut Summit

Nut croissantsCHF 4.50

Soft Ice Coupe

Soft Ice CoupeCHF 9.80

Vanilla Soft Ice with: Strawberry, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, mango or wild berry topping

+ cream CHF 1.50


MonsterliCHF 6.00

Vanilla Soft Ice with Smarties & Cornet


Mineral Open

Oeschi water with gas, apple spritzer, apple juice, homemade elderberry spritzer, Coca Cola, Rivella red, Sprite, iced tea, Orangina, sour cider (non-alcoholic)
3 dl CHF 4.70 | 5 dl CHF 5.70 | 1 Lt CHF 9.70


Oeschi water without gas | 5 dl CHF 5.70
Rivella blue, Coca Cola zero | 3.3 dl CHF 5.00
Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon | 2 dl CHF 4.90
Michel orange juice | 2 dl CHF 4.90

Children's SyrupRaspberry

2 dl CHF 1.50 | 3 dl CHF 3.00 | 5 dl CHF 4.00 | 1 Lt CHF 5.00

Cock water

At Lake Oeschinen we are not connected to the public water supply and therefore operate our own spring with water treatment. The maintenance and infrastructure such as the UV disinfection system, pressure pump, laboratory controls and the service are expensive. Therefore, we charge you for the tap water.
2 dl CHF 1.50 | 3 dl CHF 2.20 | 5 dl CHF 3.70 | 1 Lt CHF 5.00

Coffee | Tea | Punch


Espresso | CHF 4.30
Coffee | CHF 4.50
Coffee with milk | CHF 4.80
Cappucino | CHF 5.00
Latte Macchiato | CHF 5.30
Espresso double | CHF 6.30
Coffee melange (with cream) | CHF 5.50

Organic TeaXL CupCHF 5.30

Organic alpine herbal tea from the Bernese Oberland, served in the XL cup (3 dl)

Organic black tea Ceylon
Organic peppermint tea
Organic green tea
Organic veine tea
Organic Alpine Fire (winter tea with cloves & cinnamon)
Organic Winter Breeze (lemon thyme & ginger)

PunchCHF 4.50

Forest berry punch
Apple punch
homemade elder punch


Milk drink warm

Warm milk | 2 dl CHF 3.70
Chocolate, Ovaltine warm | 2 dl CHF 4.50
Chocolate, Ovaltine melange (with cream) | 2 dl CHF 5.50

Milk drinkscold

Milk cold | 2 dl CHF 3.70 | 3 dl CHF 4.70 | 5 dl CHF 5.70
Chocolate, Ovaltine cold | 2 dl CHF 4.50 | 3 dl CHF 5.50 | 5 dl CHF 7.00

Coffee Schnapps | Soul Warmer

Caramelito coffeeCHF 6.00

non-alcoholic, caramel syrup & cream

Oeschi coffeeCHF 8.50

Bätzi (pome fruit) & cream

Gotthelf coffee CHF 8.50

Plum & Cream

Susanne Coffee CHF 9.00

with "more" schnapps (secret mixture) & cream

Noisette coffee CHF 9.00

Hazelnut liqueur & cream

Baileys coffeeCHF 9.50

with cream

Coffee ReadyCHF 6.00

Bätzi (pome fruit), plum or herbs

Coffee LutzCHF 6.00

Bätzi (pome fruit), plum or herbs

HoldrioCHF 6.00

Rosehip Tea & Plum

Mint plumCHF 6.00

Peppermint Tea & Plum

Mulled wine homemadeCHF 7.00

hot red wine from an old home recipe


HugoCHF 9.00

Aperol SpritzCHF 9.00

Sparkling white wineCHF 7.50

sweet or sour



Rugenbräu light
3 dl CHF 4.80 | 5 dl CHF 6.00


Rugenbräu Amber Oberland Premium 5.2 vol% | 3.3 dl CHF 6.20

Felsenau Bärner Müntschi Naturtrüb 4.8 vol% | 3.3 dl CHF 6.50

Felsenau Bärner WeizZzen 5.4 vol% | 5 dl CHF 7.50

Adelbodner Bärg Beer IPA India Pale Ale 5.4 vol% | 3.3 dl CHF 8.00

Rugenbräu non-alcoholic | 3.3 dl CHF 5.10



Johannisberg AOC - Les Fils Maye, Riddes, Valais
1 dl CHF 4.70 | 5 dl CHF 23.00

Oeschi-Wy white (house wine) - Riem, Daepp & Co. AG, Kiesen, Berne
Chamoson - Grand vin du Valais
1 dl CHF 6.20 | 7.5 dl CHF 46.00


Oeil de Perdrix du Valais AOC - Riem, Daepp & Co. AG, Kiesen, Berne
1 dl CHF 4.70 | 5 dl CHF 23.00

Oeil de Perdrix "Château d'Auvernier" AOC - Château d'Auvernier, Neuchâtel
7.5 dl CHF 50.00


Dôle du Valais - Riem, Daepp & Co. AG, Kiesen, Berne
1 dl CHF 4.70 | 5 dl CHF 23.00

Oeschi-Wy red (house wine) - Riem, Daepp & Co. AG, Kiesen, Berne
Humagne Rouge, Cornalin, Pinot Noir, Syrah & Merlot
1 dl CHF 6.50 | 7.5 dl CHF 48.50

Pinot Noir "Erlacher" AOC - Stettler family, Erlach, Bern
1 dl CHF 6.30 | 7.5 dl CHF 47.00

Merlot del Ticino Barrique AOC - Fratelli Sigrist, Ticino
7.5 dl CHF 59.00

Meat declaration & legend

Meat declaration: Pork, veal, beef and chicken come exclusively from Switzerland. The lamb meat also comes from Switzerland, from our own organic farm.


Our staff will inform you about other ingredients in our dishes that may trigger allergies or intolerances on request. All prices are in CHF and include VAT.

 The issue of food waste is important to us. Throwing away food is not in line with our philosophy. For this reason we do not overload the plates with food. If you are not full, please let us know. We will be happy to bring you a second helping (except for small portions, dishes from which several people eat and snacks).